Reading around — Dec. 31

NY Times: Airline Flies a 747 on Fuel From a Plant — the plant was a jatropha, which needs little water or fertilizer and can be grown almost anywhere — even in sandy, saline or otherwise infertile soil. Each seed produces 30 to 40 percent of its mass in oil, giving it a high per-acre yield, specialists said.

Washington Post: Obama: America’s ‘First Online Social Networking President’Obama Won With Web’s Help. Now, How to Govern Using That Community?

Wired: YouTube, Twitter: Weapons in Israel’s Info War

TechCrunch: Holiday E-Commerce Sales Fall Flat

TechFlash: Zunes commit ‘mass suicide’

Religious Intelligence: Church of England puts its faith in Al Gore’s investment armThe Church of England’s Church Commissioners have gone green, investing £150 million with former US Vice-President Al Gore’s environmentally minded investment firm, Generation Investment Management.

Guy Kawasaki: Ten Tiny Things Every Small Business Owner Should Do in 2009

WSJ: Viacom Enlists Cartoons in Fee Battle

CNN: Road to stimulus: Speed bumps ahead

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