TechCrunch vs. PaidContent

NY Times: Bits: PaidContent vs. TechCrunch: Two Visions of Blogging’s Future

Two views of blogging’s future from Michael Arrington of TechCrunch and Rafat Ali of PaidContent.

Mr. Ali and Mr. Richardson are planning the Internet version of a trade media company with a growing series of blogs covering media, entertainment and technology. The company, called ContentNext, also added Charlie Koones, the former publisher of Variety, to its board, signaling that Hollywood was an area of keen interest.

There is money to be made, Mr. Ali argued, in conferences and advertising aimed squarely at top executives in these fields. And he dismissed criticism that the site has lagged in page views, saying advertising rates have been very high.


Mr. Arrington described blogging as fitting successfully into two extremes: very small or very large. On one end, he described a “lifestyle business” in which one person who might be able to attract 1 million page views a month might earn a nice living with low expenses. On the other extreme, he suggests there is an efficiency in scale.

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