More signs of distress for daily newspapers

The front page of is a a sad commentary on the state of daily newspapers. Here are the current front-page stories:

From Business Editor to Business OwnerHenry Dubroff, founder and editor of the Pacific Coast Business Times, talks about making the switch and doing it successfully.

Inside the Weekly’s Winning PlaybookColumnist Jonathan Higuera says weeklies have an upper hand because they clearly understand their audience.

Imitating the Weekly“Why don’t you dailies start copying what works for the weekly business papers?” Blogger Chris Roush asks the question.

Add that to April 3 story in Columbia Journalism Review: RIP: Stand-Alone Biz SectionThey were thin, sure, but they were something. The article included this chart of the disappearing section:

One thing the chart doesn’t include were all the Monday tabloid sections started by daily newspapers to combat the growing local business journals at that time. Those sections began to disappear several years to the standalone Monday sections.

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