TechCrunch writer reflects after six months

Six months ago, Erick Schonfeld reflects on his first six months at TechCrunch, a tech-focused blog. He previously worked at Time Inc.

In reflecting on the two worlds: “The worlds of blogging and journalism are colliding and I want to get some thoughts down on this transition before I forget what the old world was like or feel too comfortable in the new one.

TechCrunch is a leader in the tech media:

Putting out TechCrunch is like riding a bullet train. When I jumped aboard, it was already going 150 miles per hour. Six months ago, the main TechCrunch site was attracting about two million visitors a month and it was ranked No. 4 on the Technorati 100 list of the most linked-to blogs. Today, six months later, we are within spitting distance of three million visitors a month (2.9 million, to be exact), and last week we overtook Engadget for the first time to reach the No. 1 spot on the Technorati 100.

The pace of a blogging site:

“There is always something else to write about, and not enough time to cover it. But we live or die by how fast we can post after a story breaks, if we can’t break it ourselves. We hardly have time to proofread our posts, as anyone who’s come across one of the frequent typos in TechCrunch knows.”

Earlier this year Jennifer Woodard Maderazo wrote of her switch in MediaShift: No More Ink Stains::Why I Left Print Media for Digital

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