Will journalists succeed as entrepreneurs

Several journalists I know worry about their continuing fall in their value as so much of what they do is being marginalized by online news sources, bloggers and all the demons under the bed. But Saul Hansell, writing in the Bits blog on the NY Times says this may be a time of great opportunity for journalists who can act entrepreneurial, putting together project and content that can easily be sold or monetized through advertising. Writing in “Entrepreneurial Journalism in the Facebook Age“, Hansell writes:

Even if those numbers were wildly optimistic, the fact remains that in today’s world you simply don’t need to be hired by a publishing company with ad salesmen, layout artists, and printing presses to get your ideas into the world.

He was doing so well until he then wrote:

It seems to be a great time to be starting out in journalism. Just don’t ask advice from anyone who has been in the business for more than five years.

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