Stamps too pretty to use

This sheet of stamps is causing me problems. I hate to use it to pay bills or routine use. I hate using it at all. I’m sure the electric company doesn’t care. It’s call Nature of America: Alpine Tundra, and is the ninth in the series showing animals and plants in America

To use the stamps then I had to make this deal: Here’s the USPS image and part of the description of the stamps.

To illustrate the diversity of species associated with alpine tundra, artist John D. Dawson depicted more than 24 animal and plant species in his beautiful acrylic painting. The scene itself is imaginary: Such a dense grouping of plants and animals was necessary to illustrate as many species as possible on the stamp pane. Even so, all of the species could be encountered on the alpine tundra of Rocky Mountain National Park; all were recommended by scientists.


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