Linux visibility now reaching NY Times, WSJ Praise for Ubuntu’s latest release

When the NY Times (The Next Leap for Linux) and WSJ (How far behind is Linux?).

The pieces were more toward everyday users who might be thinking of trying Linux. Their opinion was that while there are many things good about Linux, especially Ubuntu, it’s not a replacement for Windows for most folks.

NY Times: “(S)ince common tasks like watching a movie or syncing an iPod require hunting for and installing extra software, Linux is best for technically savvy users or for people whose needs are so basic that they will never need anything other than the bundled software.” WSJ: “If some of Linus Torvalds’s own family members back in Finland don’t use Linux, what hope is there for the rest of us?”

The pieces were on the eve of Ubuntu’s newst release “Gutsy Gibbon”. For Linux users the reviews are very good:

* Wired News: Review: Ubuntu’s New ‘Gutsy Gibbon’ Brings Linux Out of the Jungle
* Digg: Comments on Wired story
* Boing Boing (and comments): New Ubuntu Linux release is easy, sexy

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