Seattle P-I may be first with on electronic papaer

Crosscut Seattle reports that the Seattle Post-Intelligencer may move to the electronic paper, flexible plastic display high resolution devices within two years. After it was posted, the P-I denied the story.

Sometime in the next two years, if Hearst Corp.’s plans work out, a handful of Seattle Post-Intelligencer readers will begin getting their morning news not from the paper on the front stoop or by dropping change in a corner newsbox — or even on their laptop — but from a new electronic newspaper that’s displayed on a screen as light and flexible as paper. The screen will be about the size of a small tabloid newspaper, and it will be in color.

The electronic P-I will carry real-time news, same as the Internet, not yesterday’s news like traditional papers. Readers will turn the e-paper’s pages by touching the flexible screen. And when those readers head off to work, they will roll up the electronic P-I and stuff it in their pocket, purse, or briefcase.

Some newspaper will won’t to be the first since Philips announced it’s electronic newspaper device — E-newspapers may soon be here finally.

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