Departing Philly ME: Newspaper people resistant to change

From Romensko:

Philadelphia Weekly
Departing Inquirer managing editor Anne Gordon says changes in the newspaper industry are more profound than any of us want to admit, and that papers are suffering the pain of their failure to innovate. More from her “exit interview”:
* “I see print journalists playing an active role less in the breaking of news and more in the analytical side-explaining it.”
* “I see opinionated, personality-driven voices breaking free of newspapers, going out on their own and becoming stars. I see journalists who will have to become real experts — Ph.D.s in select subjects. There will be stars who will earn a lot of money, and everyone else will earn a lot less.
* “I also believe this whole democratization of news, with a give and take between the provider and consumer, is not a trend but a reality of the next generation.”

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