Are you ready for Ubuntu Linux

Dell began selling new PCs installed with Ubuntu Linux, which raises the question in Wired: Is Ubuntu Linux for You, Too?. Looking at uses such editing photos, watching DVDs, and other software that runs with Ubuntu, the answer is not yet. It can be used in limited-use situations but for most folks, including many tech-savvy folks, it’s beyond their reach, especially if it needs a bit of troubleshooting.

Stories such as Jessamyn Charity West’s blog itemand YouTube video of installing Ubuntu on some old computers at the Vermont Library where she works makes it sound exciting and rebellious, but in the end most folks want it do work smoothly and easily.

I’ve found Knoppix to be the easiest to use for my uses, but Ubuntu is almost as easy, followed by DSL. With all three offering Live CDs where you can use the software from a CD, it’s very easy to try it.

ubuntulogo.png knoppix-logo.gif


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