You’ll never hear web site readers say …

Lost Remote: Things News Website Visitors Never, Ever Say (The Remix)

Steve Safran, managing editor of Lost Remote, put together a list his and others comments on quirky things on TV station web sites:

“I like how I can get the marketing information, the sales information, advertorials, automotive, real estate, dating, coupons, information about upcoming sweeps stories and 40 other items all on the station’s front page. Also, I believe there is news here.”

“It’s really cool how your homepage is like, 5 pages long! Sweet!”

“I worry that non-news pages will dilute this station’s brand.”

“Some people assume if the story is at the top of your page is new, but not me, so I like it when you add the “new” button to the end of the headline to tell me the story is new.”

“It’s cool how that information I want is only three clicks deep.”

“I hope they brought marketing in to the meetings about this site.”

“More flashing ads for mortgages!”

“The anchors’ heads at the top of your site reminds me of Mount Rushmore. It calms me and makes me want to watch the newscast.”

“Yes, I will make you my homepage because I like to get my information from just one source.”

“Forcing me to register makes me feel like I’m part of something bigger. Thank you for allowing me to become a valued member.”

“I love how this looks just like all the other sites in town. Distinction disturbs me.”

“Navigation on the top AND the side! I feel like Magellan!”

“I like how the embedded videos on your homepage start up with the audio louder than the landing pattern at the airport. So does the guy in the cubicle three desks away from me.”

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