Michael Hyatt ends Working Smart blog — my favorites

Michael Hyatt, president and chief executive of Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville shared productivity and other ideas in his Working Smart for a long time. Last month he decided to stop writing there, keep writing in his other blog — From Where I Sit, but keep the site and entries.

Here are some of the Working Smart items I don’t want to lose:

* My Daily Reading List
* Automated Email Follow-upI’m afraid that in the race to get through the scores of messages that daily hit our inbox, we hit the proverbial ball over the net, but never really follow-up to see what happened when the ball arrives in the other person’s court. Was it hit back? Was it tossed to someone else? Or, did it just hit the court and lay there with a hundred other balls. If it was the latter, then you really didn’t accomplish anything.
* Tom Peters on Presentation Excellence
* How to Start a BlogI would suggest that you be patient with yourself. Writing is like anything else. The more you do it, the better you get. If you have a little talent, and stick with it, you’ll eventually get into the rhythm and joy of it.
* Corporate Blogging Rules and Corporate Blogging Guidelines, Draft #2
* The Master Task ListFor several years now, I have profited from using a “Master Task List.” This is a way to group your work-related activities so that you do what you were hired to do and keep from getting side-tracked by “trivial pursuits.” I first learned this technique from Todd Duncan, whose book, Time Traps, is a must read.

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