Newstrust and Digg Web news opposites: Newstrust.Net, Digg.Com: Two Visions Of What Online Readers Want

Two years ago, the inspiration for creating a Web site for news junkies hit two men with vastly different ambitions. One hoped to make boat-loads of money. The other dreamed of enriching American democracy by identifying trusted news sources hidden in the deluge of information available online.
Fabrice Florin, a successful technologist and a veteran of Apple Computer, launched the beta version of last month after turning 50 and deciding it was time to give something back to society.
Meanwhile, Kevin Rose, 27-year-old host of an obscure cable TV tech show, lost no time in launching in October 2004. Rose’s site lets people give a thumb’s-up or a thumb’s-down to stories other users had found on the Web and submitted to Digg.

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