Recall: Oct. 2-8, 2006

NY Times: Square Feet: Meet Me in Revitalized Downtown St. Louis
The sale and redevelopment of St. Louis Centre is one more reminder of an urban planning scheme that never quite lived up to its promise.

NY Times: Across Nation, Housing Costs Rise as BurdenNew census data illustrate the crushing impact of escalating real estate prices and stagnant incomes. Census — New Census Bureau Data Highlight Changes in Housing Values Through 2005

IEEE Spectrum Online: Backyard wind turbines turn energy consumers into suppliers– Think wind power and you probably imagine multimegawatt-scale wind farms featuring gigantic turbines ­producing power for a few thousand homes. But a handful of companies in the United States would prefer to have each home powered by its own wind turbine. Comments on article on Slashdot: Is Backyard Wind Power Worth It? Skystream web site and Southwest Windpower.

Wired News: The Best: Public Domain MoviesWired’s list of must-see movies you don’t have to pay a cent for.

Macworld: Back up photos on the roadThere’s no point in lugging along a laptop on your vacation just so you can archive or organize your digital pictures. A laptop not only adds weight and heft, but is also vulnerable to theft and damage. Luckily, you have other options. Our recommendations will help ensure that all your photos come home safely with you.

CNet: Taking passwords to the grave — What happens after you’re gone.

Boston Globe: Deferring your Social Security benefits can yield a big gain — If you’re male, healthy, and married, you’ve got an investment opportunity few will discuss with you. Over the next 12 months the “investment” could provide an effective return of 50 percent.

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