Recall: week of Sept. 25, 2006

Chicago Tribune: For retirees, health-care cost increases add to pains of aging Geraldine Picha knew that her pension would be modest, given her tenure of 15 years at the phone company. What the Chicago-area resident did not expect was that her retiree health premium would eat up every penny of that pension–and more.

NY Times: Arbiter of Style and Grammar Goes OnlineThe Chicago Manual of Style will be available online by subscription, freeing users to consult it ?on the fly.

Wired News: It Is ‘One Small Step for a Man’ An Aussie computer programmer downloads Neil Armstrong’s historic “one small step for man” declaration from his 1969 moonwalk. Sound-editing software shows Armstrong got it right in the transmission from the moon.

Wired News:Peek at NSA’s Secret Reading ListWhat’s the typical U.S. spook reading up on? From encryption to extraterrestrials, recently divulged documents offer a glimpse between the covers of the National Security Agency’s classified internal magazines. — How to: avoid back pain while at the computer and How to: Set up and run a successful blog

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