Recall: July 2006

TechWeb: Six Things You Didn’t Know About Linux: A Beginners’ Guide Ten tips for new Ubuntu users

NY Times: News Online Seems to Have Long Shelf LifeA new research paper seeks to answer a riddle for publishers, editors and even readers: when does new news become old news?

CNet: Viewing America in high resolutionA cross-country tour with a custom-built camera aims to capture the U.S. in staggering digital detail.

Wall Street Journal: Marketers Give Email Another LookSeveral companies are tapping technology aimed at tracking how people read what is on a computer screen. The technology, called “heatmapping,” can tell marketers what parts of their emails get the most attention.

Columbia Journalism Review: Weird Science: Why editors must dare to be dumb

NY Times: Maybe We Should Leave That Up to the ComputerA professor has been studying the decisions that managers make, and is convinced that computer models can do a better job of it.

NY Times: David Carr: A Sideline That Competes With a BylineSome reporters have stared down grim realities of the news business and decided that there may be opportunity amid all the mayhem.

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