NY Times recall: through March 2006

2 Web Sites Push Further Into Services Real Estate Agents Offer: The sites will help consumers obtain more accurate real estate sales information and automate the bidding process for houses online.

Really?: The Claim: Baby Deliveries Are in Sync With the Moon: Many ancient cultures looked upon the moon as a sign of fertility.

What’s Online: Eyeballs Are Back, or Maybe Not: An article in Business 2.0 titled “The Return of Monetized Eyeballs” could send shivers down the spine of anyone who suffered through the Internet bubble’s half-decade of buzzwords.

NY Times: Diabetes and Its Awful Toll Quietly Emerge as a Crisis

Software: Privacy for People Who Don’t Show Their Navels: More and more consumers are looking for ways to remain anonymous online and to foil hackers.

It May Look Authentic; Here’s How to Tell It Isn’t: Photo-manipulation has proved particularly troublesome for science. One journal is showing the way in a new offensive against fraud.

Digital Domain: How Google Tamed Ads on the Wild, Wild Web: Without intending to do so, Google set in motion multilateral disarmament by telling its first advertisers in 2000: text only.

Basics: Deleted but Not Gone
Maintaining privacy in the era of digital information requires work on a number of fronts, but one basic measure is easily overlooked: proper data destruction.

Timid Mice Made Daring by Removing One Gene: Scientists working with mice have found that by removing a single gene they can turn normally cautious animals into daring ones.

Short Cuts: Demystifying the eBay Selling Experience: Daylong seminars, held in different locations around the country, introduce people to “Selling Basics” or “Beyond the Basics” in eBay speak.

Your Money: Buying Used Just Could Turn Out to Be the Next New Thing: There are robust marketplaces for used products, which are just as good and significantly cheaper.

A Little Sleuthing Unmasks Writer of Wikipedia Prank: A joke ended up as a shot heard round the Internet, with the joker losing his job and Wikipedia suffering a blow to its credibility.

The End of Pensions: Corporations were happy to offer rich retirement plans to their workers as long as accounting tricks and federal insurance made it easy to delay the day of reckoning. But now the game is up.

‘Blink’ Meets ‘Freakonomics’: The blog of the hot new book “Freakonomics,” which applies economic analysis to a range of human activity, picks up where the book leaves off.

Personal Data for the Taking: Students have proven that all it takes to obtain reams of personal data is Internet access, a few dollars and some spare time.

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