Books — April 9


“The Master Butcher’s Singing Club” by Louise Endrich


“Bad Business” by Robert B. Parker

“Iceland’s Bell” by Hollder Laxness, through page 200.

“The Dark Frigate” by Charles Boardman Hawes, a Newberry winner, but I could only get through p.63.

“What Mrs. McGuillicuddy Saw” (“The 4:50 from Paddington”) by Agatha Christie

“Lewis and Clark on the Trail of Discovery : An Interactive History with Removable Artifacts” by Rod Gragg.

“The Motley Fool’s money after 40 : building wealth for a better life” by David and Tom Gardner

“The Motley Fool Investment Guide” by David and Tom Gardner

“A New Song” by Jan Karon

Audio books


The Renaissance (a short history) by Paul Johnson

“For Cause and Comrades” by James M. McPherson

“Alexander Hamilton” by Ron Chernow

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