The life of two stories

Two stories from ACBJ’s print editions this week lived on across the web. “N&R looks to break tradition with Web changes” in The Business Journal of the Greater Triad Area reported on changes to the daily newspapers to allow more interaction between the newsroom and readers. The story drew was noted by Greensboro, N.C. bloggers, including Ed Cone. Greensboro bloggers are gaining a reputation as a developing city for citizen journalism. No surprise that the bloggers did not like that the Friday print-edition story was not posted on the web until Monday.

Rainforest founder plots big return in The Business Journal (Minneapolis/St. Paul) was a big hit on sites such, The Leaky Cauldron with the mention that a restaurant chain based on the Harry Potter character was being considered. It was big news for a few hours, but then the story was debunked and others by Rawlings agency. The main source of The Business Journal’s story retracted his earlier statements that he had spoken with J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, about opening a theme restaurant based on the character. He also said he does not hold rights to use the character’s name.

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