Books — Oct. 31

Current: “Plain heathen mischief” by Martin Clark. Writer from Virginia.

“The No. 1 Ladies Dective Agency” by Alexander McCall Smith

“Southern Fried” by Cathy Pickens. Charlotte writer

“The Nature of Midnight” by Robert Rice. This was good story. I decided to read this after reading a quick review in the Wall Street Journal, including a bit about his publisher dropping him. I think the publisher made a mistake.

“The Known World” by Edward P. Jones, through page 100

“Making a Literary Life” by Carolyn See

“Visions in Death” by J.D. Robb, through page 98

“A Battle from the Start: The Life of Nathan Bedford Forrest” by Brian Steele Wills

“The Impending Crisis: 1848-1861” by David M Potter

“Out to Canaan” by Jon Karon

“‘Co. Aytch’: a side show of the big show” by Samuel R. Watkins

Audio Books

Current: “The last stand of the tin can sailors [the extraordinary World War II story of the U.S. Navy’s finest hour]” by James D. Hornfischer

“An Hour befor Dawn” by Jimmy Carter. A much better story of growing up in the South than “All Over but the Shouting.”

“Crazy Horse” by Larry McMurtry

“Hitler’s Scientists: Science, War, and the Devil’s Act” by John Cornwell

“A Beautiful Mind” by Sylvian Nasar

“Confederates in the Attic” by Tony Horwitz

“Ultimate Punishment” by Scott Turow

“All for the Union” by Elijah Hunt Rhodes.

“Ghost soldiers [the forgotten epic story of World War II’s most dramatic mission]” by Hampton Sides

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