Gloomy predictions from Dow Jones

You’ve got to wonder what’s going on at Dow Jones these days.

In last Thursday’s Wall Street Journal: Array of New Rivals For Ad Dollars Slows Comeback of Print. Online and TV doing a better job of proving their effectiveness, some publishers considering RFID (radio-frequency identification devices) to prove print readers are more engaged.

Last Thursday’s Barron’s Online: The Print Media’s Malaise Runs Deep. Growth in households with internet access is rising while decline of newspaper’s household penetration means exodous of print will accelerate.

Tuesday’s WSJ Online Ad Dollars Set to Match,Then Go Ahead of Magazines’: Forecast Cites Web’s Skill At Targeting an Audience; Is Print Losing Its Appeal? Prediction is online will pass magazines in 2007, base on JupiterResearch .

For a counter, read Dubious on Rex Hammock’s Weblog: Sorry. This research just doesn’t pass the smell test. (That won’t keep it from being plugged into business-plan spread sheets in real-time, however.) Actually, a more interesting story would be “the history of online advertising predictions from JupiterResearch”

There’s also Jarvis’ Buzzword: There’s gold in these thar hills and a folllow from Hammock: Jupiter Research’s Fuzzy Math.

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