On Tuesdays, many won’t receive your email

A couple of recent email studies found that 40% of valid email is not being received by recipients and that Tuesday is the heaviest day businesses to send email.

The recipient study, published in InformationWeek was from a test of 10,000 persons who had asked to participate in the study. The biggest reason the email doesn’t go through are poor attempts by email administrators to block spam.

Bizjournals sends lots of email, which has been requested, and we constantly have to explain to customers that it was probably their own email administrator that blocked our email. Since the block is often done without any explanation by their IT department, customers are reluctant initially to believe us.

EmailLabs in its first Delivery Trends Report found that Tuesday is the busiest day for companies to send email (25.4%) followed by Wednesday (23.3%). Tip on both items was Lockergnome’s Technology News.

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