A publisher’s view

Poynter Q& As Mac Tully who becomes Knight Ridder’s vice president of operations. He was at the Bradenton (Fla.) Herald. High points of the Q&A are the way Bradenton improved its business and reputation, the need for more stories to show readers that news is being covered, and the belief that daily newspapers need to fight back to regain the market share they’ve lost over the years.

It’s a good comparison read to the Penguin Q&A with Ken Auletta, author of “Backstory: Inside the Business of News” which Penguin publishes. Auletta: “I feel both hopeful, and depressed. Hopeful because technologies like digital cable and the Internet offer so many more choices for consumers of news. Depressed because, increasingly, journalistic divisions are part of giant companies who demand profit margins and ?efficiencies? that often war with good journalism, which is expensive.” Tip came from JD Lasica.

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