Excel forever

Best graph of the story and close to home: “One of the reasons Excel endures, he added, is the sheer amount of time employees spend futzing with it. “There’s a Red Badge of Courage that people wear when they stay up all night and work a spreadsheet to get something that they think is unique and artisanal.”


Something new I learned about millennials

A lot is said about millennials, but there were two things in this article by Pew Research that I don’t recall reading before. The first is that 15% of the millennial population numbers includes people not born in the U.S. The number of millennials born in the U.S. was 10 million less than the number of U.S-born baby boomers. The second is that the group after the millennials, which Pew currently calls post-millennial, had more born in the U.S. than millennials. We’ll probably start hearing more about the post-millennial generation as soon as better name is found.


Still love pens, sometimes

Have keyboards and touch screens ruined your handwriting skills? A fountain pen, the right paper and some practice can help — WSJ