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April 9, 2005

More on the movie industry

NY Times -- 'Blockbuster' and 'The Big Picture': I Am Large, I Contain Multiplexes: New books by Tom Shone and Edward Jay Epstein describe the seismic change in the way movies are conceived, made and marketed.

Hollywood, like the world of "Terminator 3," seems on the verge of becoming a self-perpetuating machine, no human participation needed. The audience is obsolete. Large parts of many films are already computer-generated, so flesh-and-blood actors may become extinct too. Movies will be made on microchips and marketed to microchips, while still other microchips tally the profits. And out here in the real world we'll go back to doing what we did before there were movies. Er, what was that exactly, anyway?

Shone's book was also used in the February New Yorker article summarized at There's no business like show business

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Newspapers branding RSS readers

Wired News: The Need for Feed(s) -- "For online newspapers, news aggregators like Google News are a mixed blessing: They can generate big traffic, but maybe they're also stealing a bit of thunder. Some newspapers are about to fight back with services of their own."

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Upcoming blog conferences of note

More blog conferences are being held to spread the word about blogging, especially citizen journalism blogging. There's one in May in Nashville and one planned in Charlotte in September.

Also citizen media sites Charlotte 101 and Nashville 101 have launched.

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Books -- April 9


"The Master Butcher's Singing Club" by Louise Endrich


"Bad Business" by Robert B. Parker

"Iceland's Bell" by Hollder Laxness, through page 200.

"The Dark Frigate" by Charles Boardman Hawes, a Newberry winner, but I could only get through p.63.

"What Mrs. McGuillicuddy Saw" ("The 4:50 from Paddington") by Agatha Christie

"Lewis and Clark on the Trail of Discovery : An Interactive History with Removable Artifacts" by Rod Gragg.

"The Motley Fool's money after 40 : building wealth for a better life" by David and Tom Gardner

"The Motley Fool Investment Guide" by David and Tom Gardner

"A New Song" by Jan Karon

Audio books


The Renaissance (a short history) by Paul Johnson

"For Cause and Comrades" by James M. McPherson

"Alexander Hamilton" by Ron Chernow

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