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January 5, 2005

More ways to be distracted in the car

Wall Street Journal: Wi-Fi Access to Be Offered in Cars and Sirius Sets Deal With Microsoft For Mobile Television in Cars

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Obesity study shows not everyone is getting fatter

Recalled from last summer just as resolutions are tested.

NY Times: The Fat Epidemic: He Says It's an Illusion.

Dr. Jeffrey Friedman, an obesity researcher at Rockefeller University, argues that contrary to popular opinion, national data do not show Americans growing uniformly fatter.

Instead, he says, the statistics demonstrate clearly that while the very fat are getting fatter, thinner people have remained pretty much the same.

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Learning Moveable Type's birthday

Learning Moveable Type is a good, self-paced site on the details of using Moveable Type with lots of tutorials ranging from controlling spam to converting to PHP. Today the blog is 1-year-old.

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