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February 10, 2004

Google alternatives

I use Google most of the time. But here's a list of other search engines listings and directories and which are better for different purposes.

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WWII recon photos

World War II aerial reconnaissance photos taken by the Royal Air Force, including pictures of the D-Day invasion in Normandy, are online now. I'm glad to see there are still new "gee whiz" things on the web.

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Lawsuit over the halftime baring

A 47-year-old bank employee in Knoxville sues claiming the Janet Jackson peek caused her and other viewers to "suffer outrage, anger, embarrassment and serious injury." Actual damages are not specified and punitive damages "should not exceed the gross revenues of all defendants for the past three years." Defendants include Viacom, CBS, MTV, Janet and Justin Timberlake. The court filing is on The Smoking Gun, and you'll see the shot that few actually saw, but many have seen since. The lawsuit was filed as a proposed class action lawsuit.

Update: The lawsuit was withdrawn Monday, KnoxNews.com reports.

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E-newspapers may soon be here finally

For several years the promise of electronic newspapers has always been just ahead. It looks like it's finally getting closer. Philips is preparing to mass produce a 5-inch flexible display that can be used for newspapers and magazines. You can watch a video demonstation of the display. Tip from Lost Remote.

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Five Myths about Short Writing

: Roy Peter Clark and Tim McGuire explore what's right and wrong about long and short.

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